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Our Training and Consultancy Services

All company advisors are available for consultancy and on the job training and can also provide the following services which can be tailored for your business. Our services fall into three main categories Health & Safety Management, Construction and Fire Risk Assessment.

Our Health & Safety Management services Include:

1. Preparation of your Health & Safety Policy
2. Preparation of your Health & Safety Management Systems
3. Identification of areas for improvement
4. Investigation of accidents
5. Assessment of workstations
6. Workplace inspections

Our Construction Services Include:

1. Establishing the role of Principal Designer
2. The Principal Contractor has several duties listed below and we will assist with these:

  • Construction Phase Plan Preparation

  • Risk assessment and documentation of method statement

  • Construction Design and Management (CDM)

  • Auditing site health and safety 

  • Assessment of security risks and welfare risks

  • Internal Auditing Services

Our Fire Risk Assessment Services Include:

1. Ensuring the responsible person is compliant with the 2005 Regulatory Fire Reform (Fire Safety Order) by completing the following:

  • Identification of Fire Hazards

  • Identification of people at risk 

  • Evaluation of the risks followed either by their reduction or removal 

  • Documentation of findings (you must keep a record if your business employs more than five people.) 

  • Preparation of an Evacuation Plan 

  • Provision of Training 

  • Regularly reviewing and updating the Fire Risk Assessment