Fire Risk Assessment Training

Did you know that if you are the owner, landlord or occupier of business premises then you are now responsible for carrying out your Fire Risk Assessment? In other words you must reduce the chances of a fire starting and you must have a plan in place in case a fire does start. Unless your business uses a public building, your local Fire Officer is no longer able to carry out your assessment for you.

At John Green we can complete your Fire Risk Assessment and generate the necessary documentation which you must complete and have available to comply with the Fire Safety Order 2005. We will make sure that you have met all your responsibilities with regard to Fire Safety in the workplace.

Our Fire Risk Assessment includes the following:

Fire Risk Assessment
  • Identification of Fire Hazards 

  • Identification of people at risk 

  • Evaluation of the risks followed either by their reduction or removal 

  • Documentation of findings (you must keep a record if your business employs more than five people.) 

  • Preparation of an Evacuation Plan 

  • Provision of Training 

  • Regularly reviewing and updating the Fire Risk Assessment

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Are you breaking the Law?

Thousands of employers across the UK could be at risk of prosecution if they don't adhere to the 2005 Regulatory Fire Reform (Fire Safety Order).  This states that every business must create a detailed, written fire risk assessment and regularly carry out staff training and planning.

Increases in fines from the HSE in 2017 means that even the smallest of companies could be fined up to £450,000 with larger companies already receiving fines of £5,000,000 plus and in some cases Directors have received prison sentences for safety breaches.

Fire Marshal Training and Emergency Procedure Training

We carry out fire safety training along with fire risk assessments in communal and residential properties for landlords and industry.

Liaising with Fresh Fire & Security Ltd of Nelson in Lancashire we are currently delivering training to staff on fire safety and emergency procedures in various large retail stores, factories, hotel groups, schools and nurseries.

Do your premises comply with current fire standard regulations? Have you adequate means of escape? Do you have procedures in place in case of an emergency when lives could be at risk?  

Don't take the risk of Prohibition Notices or be responsible for serious injury or even death of an employee or client.  Act now and stay legally compliant.